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  • LM C140 Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine with Software
  • LM C140 Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine with Software
  • LM C140 Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine with Software

C140 Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine with Software


LM C140 Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine with Software

LM C140 Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine with Software

The machine can produce all frames of building construction.

LM C140 Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine with Software

LM C140 Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine with Software

LM C140 Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine with Software

A: Applicable Material

1) Processing material: Q345、G550 galvanized steel strip

2) Material thickness: 0.75-1.2mm

3) Material width: 234mm

B: Formed profiles

1) Profile sizes: width 140mm; web 41mm; lip 10-12mm

2) Length: the max 8000mm

3) Length accuracy: ±0.5mm

4) Forming speed: the max speed 35m/min, normally 2-3 tons per day

C: Electric Decoiler

1) Coil OD: Ф1400 mm (the max)

2) Coil ID: Ф508±10 mm

3) The max width: 300mm

4) Coil weight: ≤3000 kg

5) Expending or shrinking method: operate the handle to more the four connection rods to away from or close up to the cored shaft

6) Brake: cored shaft is double hold tightly

7) Driving method: decoil raw material automatically

D: Punching system

1) Punching mould material: Cr12MOV1

2) Multi-purpose punching devices:

Punching device 1 for web notch and lip notch, blanking force 40KN

Punching device 2 for notch, blanking force 30KN

Punching device 3 for dimple, blanking force 10KN

Punching device 4 for service hole, blanking force 10KN

Punching device 5 for lipcut, blanking force 30KN

Punching device 6 for truss notch, blanking force 40KN

3) Every punching device is unipunch, can be controlled independently

4) Distance of punching holes can be adjustable

5) The life of punching mould: 300000-500000 times, 1000000 times for frequently-used mould

E: Roll Forming Parts

1) Feeding device: with four guiding rollers

2) Roll forming device: 12 roller stations, one is to form and adjust the angle ( from 87 to 95) degree of bottom and web

3) Straightening device: with one pair of horizontal shafts and two dangling rollers

4) Profile leading device: with one set of leading rollers

5) Roller material: GCr15

6) Roller processing technic: CNC machining, heat treatment HRC58-60, then processed by CNC lathe, plating finally

7) Shaft material: 40Cr

8) Roller processing technic: CNC machining, quenching and tempering HRC28-32, then processed by CNC lathe, plating and polishing finally

9) Driving method: servo motor

10) Weight: about 3500kg

F: Cutting System

1) Cutter material: Cr12MOV1.

2) Cutting device: 3 pieces of blades to keep and cut the shape of profile

3) Cutting type: fully automatic cut to any length

G: Production receiving System

1) Receiving table length: 4m

2) Receiving method: receive formed profiles and side-slip them pneumatically to saving table

H: Control System

1) Main control system: One Lenovo laptop and a control box inside of based frames of the machine

2) Producing software: self-developed PLC computer control system with inveter

3) Designing software: Vertext BD type

4) Leaser Printing Device: USA Matthews Leaser Printing Device for painting spray logo and installation indicating number

5) Remote-control device: ireless remote-controller controls machine to go forward or backward or stop

6) Brands of main components: PLC(self-developed), Relay (French Schneider), proximity switch(French Schneider), Encoder(Japanese Omron), Servo Motor (Xinjie) All those components takes with International Warranty Service

I: Servo System and Hydraulic System

1) Servo motor: 5.5kw, taking with precision planetary gear reducer

2) Hydraulic Station: 7.5kw, hydraulic oil injection 200 litre

3) Brands of main components: solenoid valve (Germanic Rexroth)

4) Power supply: 380V, 3 Phase, 50Hz(or as per your request)

J: Attached Components and Spare Parts

1) 2 sets of punching poles and down moulds, one set of tools

2) Protective cover: totally-enclosed type

3) Manual operation

Software VERTEX BD Pro


A: The standard package contains:

1) Architectural Design:

Full architectural drawings

3D browser with furniture & accessories

Tools for creating presentable models

(e.g. Fascia, Soffits, Window & Door Trims, Guttering…)

2) 3D Modeling and 2D Drafting

3) DWG, DXF, 3DS, IGES and SAT -interfaces

4) Archiving tools

5) OpenGL-rendering

6) Material database

7) Wall, Floor and Roof panels and roof trusses:

Automatic panel drawings

Automatic truss structure drawings

Automatic joist & rafter layout drawings

8) Bill of materials, Cutting lists

9) First year support and maintenance

10) Add-On modules:

Vertex Standard CSV NC interface

Vertex Truss Design module, (AS/NZS Standards)

B: Software maintenance

The software maintenance agreement includes a hotline support service, a named support person and new software versions. Thus, new features that improve efficiency and ease-of-use are immediately at the disposal of the customer.

First year software support and maintenance is included to software license purchase.

1) 1 day Vertex BD basics and architectural o Drafting

Projects with Vertex BD o Wall design

Floor design o Roof design o Profiles


2) 2 days framing training

How to use architectural model

Wall panel design

Roof and floor framing and trusses

Panel drawings

3) Training will be On-Site at customer's premises or at Vertex office in Cleveland, QLD Australia

4) Maximum five (5) people can attend to training

5) Travel expenses will be charged separately

6) Training will be charged in advance

D: Recommendation for Hardware

1) The advised minimum PC configuration for VERTEX use is:

2) PC with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

3) Pentium IV or AMD Athlon dual-core, 2 GHz,

4) 8 GB RAM

5) 120.0 GB disc

6) Display at 1280x1024 resolution

7) Graphics card with full Open GL support and min 512 Mb memory.

E: Integrated Graphics Cards are not recommended

1) CD/DVD Drive

2) 3 – button mouse

3) Backup system

Electric Decoiler→Multi-Purpose Punching System→Main Roll Forming Machine→Leaser Printing System→Punching System→Automatic Cutting System→Auto Receiving Table, Servo Motors, Control System with Software, Hydraulic System

1). Machine Price: Please contact us, we will try to give you good discount for starting our cooperation

2). Payment term: 30%TT should be paid as advance deposit, 70%TT before shipment

Or 100% LC at sight

3). Package: naked with simple plastic film and loaded in one 20-feet container

4). Delivery time: 50 working days after receipt of the deposit

5). Guarantee: 12 months. If any part of machine breaks, we will supply it for free.

6). After sales service

This producing line is maintained free of charge for 12 months. When the machine is used in China, we will install and debug the machine for free; if it is used at abroad, we will send the professional technician to debug. Buyers should take all the fees for technicians traveling abroad, and pay 100USD\day\person.