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What's the Features of Cold Roll Forming Machine?

Jul. 04, 2019

Here a professional company talking about the features of Cold Roll Forming Machine.

Cold Roll Forming Machine

Cold Roll Forming Machine

1. High safety performance.

It avoids safety hazards and work-related accidents caused by shearing, slitting, punching and bending in the traditional process.

2. High production efficiency

It saves manpower and material resources in multiple processes, reduces intermediate operation links and management links, and it can increase production efficiency by 5-6 times compared with traditional processes.

3. High degree of automation

PLC computer control, simple operation, no need to manually calculate the hole spacing, length and other dimensions of the nine-fold profile.

4. The profile is high.

The precision of the profile produced by manual punching and bending is higher, and the appearance is more uniform and beautiful.