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What Are The Main Components Of The Small Cold Rolling Machine?

Aug. 08, 2019

A small Cold Roll Forming Equipment consists of one or several main trains. The main train consists of three basic parts: the prime mover, the transmission and the actuator. The working machine base is the actuator of the small rolling mill. It is controlled by the adjusting mechanism of the roll and its bearing rolls and the balancing mechanism of the upper roll, guiding the guiding device of the rolling piece into the roll, the frame of the working machine seat and the supporting machine base and The base is fixed on the foundation with rail zero, components and mechanism.

The transmission of the small Cold Roll Forming Machine refers to the coupling and the reducer, the coupling includes the motor coupling and the main coupling, the motor coupling is used to connect the motor and the drive gear shaft of the reducer; and the main coupling is The drive shaft used to connect the reducer to the engine mount, that is, the drive gear that transmits torque from the reducer to the gear base.

Cold Roll Forming Machine

Cold Roll Forming Machine

When the reducer is used, the primary, secondary or tertiary reducer is selected according to the size of the transmission ratio. The roll speeds corresponding to these reducers are respectively 200-250 rpm. 40/50 rpm, and 10-15 rpm. The gearing of the small rolling mill, the operation and the torque of the gear unit or the electric motor are transmitted to the rolls through the connecting shaft.

The choice of the form of the motor for a small mill is closely related to the working system of the rolling mill. The designed rolling mill has a rolling speed that does not require adjustment of the irreversible rolling mill, and an asynchronous motor is used. Asynchronous motors are mainly used in rolling mills with severe peak loads. In order to reduce the capacity of the motor, flywheels are sometimes installed. Asynchronous motors have lower investment costs and are suitable for small mills.

Generally, the working system of small and medium-sized rolling mills can be divided into: irreversible, reversible and belt tension rolling. The design adopts the working system of the irreversible rolling mill. Under this working system, the rotational speed of each roll is invariant.

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