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Daily Maintenance And Repair Of Cold-formed Equipment

Jan. 17, 2020

Cold-formed steel equipment is a device that bends the section steel. It often needs continuous action, so the internal parts are relatively worn. It is necessary to carry out regular maintenance work. How to maintain the equipment? Let Cold Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer introduce it to you.

Cold-bending machinery and equipment have the advantages of long use time, high efficiency, small footprint, environmental protection, and low energy consumption. The cold-bending forming machine has digital programming and hydraulic system, which can accurately position and make the curved steel at one time, which improves the operating efficiency. Cold-formed machinery and equipment are widely used in construction sites such as subways, pipelines, and basements. The cold roll forming machine developed by the cold roll forming machine manufacturer is to gradually bend the metal strip at normal temperature through the rotating rollers of several roll-type cold roll forming machines to form the strip into the desired product. A form of cold-formed technology with specifications and shapes. The application of cold-formed machines is becoming more and more widespread.

Features of Cold Roll Forming Equipment:

1. The roll is fully used for its wear resistance. The red hardness of C12MoV is used during heat treatment. After quenching, the hardness can be reached by two or even three tempering.

2. Fully automatic numerical control is adopted, and the original parts are imported or national famous brands, which truly realizes the automation, precision and convenience of cold roll forming machine production. Cold bending machine

3. The arc part of the track is the core part of the slide rail. After the first several passes are pressed, the arc position should be formed when the vertical edge is rolled in the next pass. Tube bundle protection, otherwise, the slide rail will be shaken, the track will be blurred, the force will be uneven, the slide rail will be deformed, and the life will be shortened.

Cold Roll Forming Equipment

Cold Roll Forming Equipment

Safety measures:

1. A common misunderstanding is that the cold-formed steel equipment is put into production immediately after it is turned on. If the equipment is not warmed up and immediately used, it will cause the machine to work in cold start mode and reduce the life of the machine. Therefore, it is recommended that the equipment be idled after it is turned on. About 5 minutes before putting it back into use.

2. Ensure that the place where the equipment is placed is dry and cool. Do not place it directly on the ground. Not only is it easy to get wet, but it is also easy to loose parts due to machine vibration. It is recommended that users place a sleeper on the cold-formed steel equipment to enable the buffer function.

3. Replace the belt of the pulley after using it for a period of time, and replace or add lubricating oil to the wearing parts such as gears.

4. The electronic console of the device must not have liquid spilled in. Once there is water or liquid spilled in, stop immediately, remove the control surface and wipe it with a dry towel, otherwise the leakage will cause the circuit board to burn out.