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Roller Shutter Door Maintenance

Dec. 27, 2019

The so-called roll-up door machinery such as the Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine is a fire-resistant roll-up door that has a number of articulated door panels that can be connected together. The upper and lower doors are rotated in a fixed slideway around the door. Suitable for commercial facades, garages, shopping malls, hospitals and other large places.

The rolling door machinery is very versatile. The rolling door and fireproof rolling door that we often use are made by this kind of rolling door machinery. Can play the role of horizontal fire separation like a firewall. It consists of 13 parts, such as curtain board, seat board, guide rail, support, reel, box, control box, door rolling machine, limiter, door lintel, manual quick release switch device, button switch and safety device. It is used for installation in places where it is not convenient to use a firewall for separation. Like escalators, large business halls in department stores, and more.

The use of rolling door mechanical equipment can greatly improve the working efficiency. A good working environment has great benefits for the working efficiency of cold bending equipment. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good working place. When choosing the environment, we must first consider safety, the safety of staff, and the safety of machine placement. Secondly, the cold bending equipment can work normally in a dry environment.

In addition, the rolling door equipment will make a lot of noise during work, so the space must be large, so that the equipment can also dissipate heat very well, and it will be more convenient for staff and operators to get up. Only a good working environment can create a good product.

In addition, for the cold bending equipment, the regular maintenance of the staff will also promote their own work efficiency. How to properly maintain the cold bending machine equipment? Next Cold Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer will come to tell you.

1. Make sure that every time you clean the cold bending machine, use rust-proof grease on the unpainted parts.

2. Lubricant should be added regularly and quantitatively in accordance with the requirements of the lubrication chart. Lubricating oil should also be kept clean and free of precipitation to avoid affecting the cleanliness of the cold bending machine.

3. Professionals are requested to operate the cold bending machine. Non-professionals must operate carefully, and it is best not to operate.

4. When the machine stops, be sure to check the machine part to see if lubrication is needed.

A good working environment and reasonable maintenance of the cold bending machine equipment can improve the working efficiency of the staff and produce high-quality products.

Door Frame Forming Machine

Door Frame Forming Machine

So how do we maintain the rolling door equipment after using the rolling door machine? Door Frame Forming Machine supplier share with you again.

1. For all electrically controlled rolling shutter doors, the direction of opening and closing must be the same as that of the switch box, especially when the new power is turned on or the external input power is changed to phase line, the manual curtain should be used to place the curtain at 1/2 of the door height Position, after the power is turned on, try to open and close the rolling door until it is attached to the instructions before it can be used normally. Otherwise, the stopper will be damaged, causing the roll curtain to roll back or punch and cause losses.

2. The rolling door machine should be inspected periodically (at least twice a year) in the running, sliding, transmission and other parts, and timely refueling as needed to ensure the normal use of the rolling door

3. When the electric rolling door is operated, the operator must stand at a position where the running state of the rolling door can be seen, otherwise, accidents and damage are likely to occur.

The above is the relevant knowledge of rolling door machinery, I hope to help everyone.