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Analysis on the Development Trend of China's Cold-formed Industry

Mar. 13, 2020

Today Cold Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer will introduce in detail about "the development trend of China's cold roll equipment industry".

As a new sheet processing technology, the cold bending technology has been continuously promoted in the industry, and the technology has also been continuously advanced. It is one of the trends of advanced manufacturing technology to reduce the energy consumption by reducing the structural mass and adapting to different load forms.

(1) Broad development space. The steel structure market is still an emerging market, and the demand for mechanical products is also increasing year by year. On the one hand, the demand in the domestic market, because China ’s steel structure still has a large gap in quantity and quality compared with developed countries, product upgrades and new demand growth in the future will be a good opportunity for the industry. The comparative advantage of China's steel structure products will be maintained for a long time. The transfer of industrial areas, structural adjustment and foreign investment will bring huge business opportunities to the industry.

(2) Internationalization of product sales. Due to the global integration of the economy, demand for it will be further released. China's Cold Roll Forming Equipment is gradually accepted by the international market for its product stability, high cost performance, and high quality. Especially Southeast Asian market and South American market. At the same time, it is also a good supplement to the low-end markets in Europe and the United States. The global economic recovery will also release the demand for machinery products. It is believed that in the next few years, the demand for different varieties of machinery products in the machinery industry will increase. In fact, China's policy still encourages the export of machinery products.

Door Frame Forming Machine

Door Frame Forming Machine

(3) The industry is more standardized. At present, no matter in terms of the variety range, production technology, production equipment conditions, and user requirements of cold-formed steel production, there have been great changes from the past. The current national standards for cold-formed steel can not completely meet the needs. This limits the promotion and application of some cold-formed steels and the improvement of product quality. It is imperative to further modify and improve the national standard of cold-formed steels.

(4) Deep processing of cold-formed steel products. Most domestic cold-formed steel manufacturers produce primary cold-formed steel products, which lack further processing. Cold-formed steel is a secondary processed product of strip steel, but it has different processing procedures in the middle of the user's use. Only primary processing makes users feel that the use of cold-formed steel is inconvenient, the price is high, and the sales market is difficult to expand; on the other hand, it also limits the development of cold-formed steel production and the improvement of technology. Especially in today's market economy, if the company's products cannot meet the needs of users, it will not have strong competitiveness. In fact, some processes can be integrated in the process of cold-formed steel. This can not only provide users with parts that can be used directly or semi-finished products close to the application, which is convenient for users and reduces production costs, but also can increase the economic benefits of cold-formed steel production plants.

(5) The technical level has been further improved. The application of artificial intelligence technology to this field is the current trend of improvement of cold-formed technology. The use of an expert system for the design of cold-formed tools will greatly simplify the design work and significantly improve efficiency. Especially suitable for products with complex sections. Expert systems that have been developed so far can be used to design tools for products with arbitrary cross-section shapes. It has two major functions: one is to determine the deformation shape of the blank in each pass during the forming process, that is, the roll pattern; the second is to match the rollers according to the determined roll pattern to generate the engineering drawings of the rolls.

The above is the development trend of China's cold roll industry introduced by Door Frame Forming Machine supplier.