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What Should I Pay Attention to when Choosing a Cold Bending Machine Equipment Manufacturer?

May. 28, 2020

When purchasing cold roll forming machine equipment, manufacturers must be carefully screened. When you choose a cold bend machine equipment manufacturer, you must keep your eyes open. Don’t take it too fast. Make sure that you have sufficient time to choose a manufacturer. Manufacturers have a comprehensive understanding. Today Cold Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer will share with you what should be checked when choosing a cold bending machine equipment manufacturer?

1. After entering the cold bending machine equipment production factory, look at the production situation in the factory building.

Because the production strength of different manufacturers is different, the production situation in the factory is of course different. The factory is booming, and the scale is very large. Generally speaking, it is relatively credible. Talents are generally relatively good top talents. Of course, the quotations provided by such manufacturers may be relatively expensive, which is not suitable for the choice of newly selected friends. The newly selected friends need to choose cost-effective equipment. In this case, how should the newly selected ones choose What about cold bending machine equipment manufacturers? In fact, you can customize it in a medium-sized factory or in a smaller factory. It depends on the difficulty of your machine. If it is a simple light steel keel equipment and the shape is not complicated, you can choose some small factories. .

2. See if the workmanship of the Cold Roll Forming Equipment in production and the design process of the entire machine are reasonable, and get the technical strength of this manufacturer. Of course, this is something that requires someone with a little related industry experience to do. For example, when there are so many machines in the factory, when the sales staff introduces you to the production process, you can think about it and see if it is reasonable. If it is not feasible in theory, or some difficult machines, they use whimsical ones. Way to deal with, such manufacturers do not touch, you will regret it, because they play tricks on technology. I once stayed at a factory. This is the case. I think too difficult a machine is too simple, I think my design is too ideal. I am self-centered and do not follow technical principles. Can the machine be normal? This is the reality. Few out of the equipment are stable and the produced workpieces are unqualified. I also encountered some experts who introduced the machine process, and they turned to a factory and took a few glances at people, because they felt that the design solution was not feasible, and they dared not understand it any further. The second is to see whether the workmanship of the machine being produced is fine and whether the machine's structure is reasonable. These can reflect the technical level of a factory.

Roller Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine

Roller Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine

3. Look at the commissioning workers of the cold bending machine equipment.

This personally feels very important. These workers, including those in the future after-sales service, must be in regular contact. Their level of debugging also directly affects the quality of the machine, and the number of debugging personnel directly affects the efficiency of future after-sales service. The production of non-standard cold bending machine equipment is very different from that of other non-standard equipment. The level of commissioning personnel can be largely reflected in the quality of the entire machine.

These are the key points for Roller Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine supplier to share with you.