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The Cold Rolling Mill Is Slow In Speed

Sep. 23, 2019

Find here details of Cold Forming Machine on our website. Today we would like to talk about the cold rolling mill is slow in speed.

Roll Forming Machine

Roll Forming Machine

For the rolling mill in terms of manufacturing, no matter which kind of machinery and equipment, it is very important in the production speed, so the cold rolling mill is also the same in the production speed, if there is no speed in the whole production process. Then, the production of the product will definitely be seriously lagging behind, which will have a very serious impact on the enterprise. It mainly includes economic impacts. Which factors will directly affect the low-speed phenomenon of the cold rolling mill? Cold Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer would like to share with you.

First, the influence of the material: Since there is friction between the rolled material and the work rolls in the cold rolling mill, the speed will have a corresponding influence, so work in such cases. At the same time, the amount of lubricating oil will increase in quantity, and it will change the mode of the lubricating oil.

Second, the impact of the cold rolling mill itself: If the cold rolling mill is adjusted faster in the rolling speed of the machine, then the bearing will have a relatively large number of roll necks inside, which will also seriously affect The movement of the rolls.

In the process of rolling mill operation, the cooling water will directly cause the screw of the lead screw to rust and increase its frictional force, mainly because the working environment is relatively bad, and the life of the screw of the screw is reduced. Shortening, in order to effectively ensure the precision of the screw nut in the reverse direction, and the machining accuracy of the screw nut, the best way is to improve the cooling and lubrication of the rolling mill, and add a dust cover to the nut of the screw. This will achieve a waterproof and breathable effect.

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