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How To Do The Design Work Of Rolling Mill Bearings?

Sep. 18, 2019

Find here details of Metal Profile Roll Forming Machine on our website.Today we would like to talk about how to do the design work of rolling mill bearings.

Metal Profile Roll Forming Machine

Metal Profile Roll Forming Machine

The wear of the rolling mill bearings is often not caused by a single factor, which may be affected by many factors at the same time, which leads to more serious wear problems. Therefore, when analyzing this problem, there may be more difficulty. For example, the wear of angular contact bearings of a typical aluminum foil rolling mill is a big headache. Today Metal Profile Roll Forming Machine Factory would like to share with you.

And if you want to alleviate the degree of wear, then we think that this can be achieved by means of lubrication. In fact, lubrication is very important for the performance of rolling mill bearings. In comparison, oil mist lubrication may achieve better results. In addition, we also need to consider the problem of bearing installation clearance, and the shaft end baffle will be the gap between the bearing housing.

In addition to these major influencing factors, there is another issue that is worth considering. That is because of the problem of the change in the bearing outer ring load caused by the bending of the roller cylinder. In order to solve this problem, some manufacturers have specially introduced bearing cone and thrust combined bearings, and some have adopted a method of adding spring buffer to the outer ring of the bearing.

Usually, in order to ensure the use of the rolling mill bearings, when selecting the backup rolls, it is usually preferred to use four rows of cylindrical small roller bearings. Because the inner ring of this type of bearing is in a static fit with the roll, it is usually placed after the taper sleeve is installed to prevent it from being subjected to axial forces. That is to say, during the rolling process, the axial force is generally supported by the bearing.

In general, in practical applications, the axial force of some small rolling mills is itself, while some large or high-precision rolling mills generally use axially loaded bearings.

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