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Customized Steel profile rollformingmachine

Jul. 15, 2021

OEM and ODM one customized steel profile forming machines finished in our workshop.

The steel profile can be for 

Light keel,FORMING MACHINE FOR TOP HAT,Beam  for Container House,H60 floor,three waves guard rail roll forming,drywall partition stud and track,Arch Sheet  Project,Trapezoidal roofing sheet roll forming,Highway Guardrail ---Pre-cutting,Pallet Rack Step Beam,Light Steel Building steel frame,Modular Light Steel House Steel Frame,Corrugated tile,container panel,steel pipe,Rain Gutter,IBR Roof Panel,shutter bottom,mute track,Barrel Panel, fence sheet,

corrugated profile  ppgi gi coil forming,telescopic drawer channel – S,Dual Door Rail (2-in-1,for Mexico,Shelf Deck Panel (QUICK-CHANge type),Steel Step Tile,

Solar Mounting Frame,cz purlin,Ladder type,Roof Hat Purlin ,Stud Furring,Steel silo,

Bamboo Style Glazed Tile, super k span mic120240 ,k span,

light gauge drywall stud and track roll forming,Soffit Panel,  (Plan Vented),

Wave plate cold rolling forming machine,air conditioning flange (u profile),

No-stop stud and track,downpipe rain,

fan shape light keel, ridge cap,Storage shelves,Decking cold rolling forming machine is being assembly,32 T shape sutter, cable tray,Lysaght Style Klip-Lok Roofing Panel Roll Forming,fance bread, standing seam roofing, Deck sheet, EPS Sandwich panel roll forming,

hat purlin,C80-300(5mm) Auto Purlin,Rittal cabinet rack nine fold profile roll forming,

Bemo Roof sheet,

Light Guage CU Truss,motor cutting,Angle,Bellow rolling forming machine,roof and wall,

Upload cz,Roller Shutter Door Roll Forming,Machine Sizes Automatic Changed,

Dual-lebel,light square steel tube,Horizontal Barrel Corrugation,O Profile,H CW,Scaffolding Plank,

T-Bar Cross Tee,crash barrier rolling forming machine,V Clips Advertising Panel,Big Filter Steel Frame,Shelf Bracke Fire Damper Blade,foot padel,Steel Cable Trunking(Din Rail),C-Z Semi Auto,

JCH Standing Seam,Sandrel Sheet,safety or fireproofing door frame,Cartainer board,C Profile or Locking,Dual Keel (tophat keel+U channel,