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Design And Manufacturing Characteristics Of Cold Roll Forming Equipment

Jul. 25, 2019

Cold Roll Forming Equipment has its own design and manufacturing characteristics. Please see the following points below:

Cold Roll Forming Equipment

Cold Roll Forming Equipment

1. The arc part of the track is the core part of the slide rail. The arc position after the first few press forming, when the vertical pass is rolled up, the formed arc should be formed, and the effective tube bundle protection is carried out by the upper and lower rolls or the horizontal wheel. Otherwise, the arc position of the material will change during the stretching process, R becomes smaller and becomes a triangle, the steel ball is not in the end, the two points contact the sound, and when the R becomes large, the matching rail is swayed, and the track is blurred when used. Uneven force, deformation of the slide rail, shortening the life.

2. The average force principle of each pass, the average roller of the whole line is subjected to the average force, the wear is balanced, and the service life of the roll is extended.

3, rolling stability problem, the production often encounters the problem of material yaw in the raceway. In fact, the single set of rollers is asymmetrical, the left side is stressed, the material is yawed to the right; the right side is strong, the material Deflection to the left.

4. The C12MoV material adopts its wear resistance, but the specific strength and hardness are contradictory. When heat treatment, the red hardness of C12MoV should be utilized. After quenching, two or even three times of tempering can reach the hardness.