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Things To Be Aware Of Before Using Cold Roll Forming Machine

Jul. 20, 2019

The use of Cold Roll Forming Machine has become a major mainstream product in today's society. The advantages and cost-effectiveness of cold bending machine forming machines are deeply loved by customers and widely used. Cold bending machine molding machine needs special attention when using it. The matters needing attention can not be dropped. The following city Kono simply introduces you to the common points of attention.

1. Before using the cold bending machine, be sure to choose a flat table top to ensure that the machine can prevent the sloshing from affecting the quality of cold forming.

2. Pull the chassis of the cold bending machine to open for easy observation.

3. Then insert the plug of the Cold Roll Forming Equipment into the panel and rotate it tightly. The other end of the plug should be plugged into the power supply. It is required to use the single-phase three-wire power supply, open the main power switch after the chassis, and operate according to the specified mode. And adjust to a certain value.

4. Wait until the green indicator light is on, and the sound of the safe operation can be started, and the next item will be started.

5. Finally, check the quality of the seal according to different materials to ensure the best quality of the seal.

The above is what you need to pay attention to before using the cold bending machine.

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