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Matters Needing Attention When Disassembling Door Roll Forming Machine

Jul. 18, 2019

1. Because the Door Roll Forming Machine repair and the central door lock and the electric antenna share the ground wire, a typical fault occurs: the central door lock is not easy to use. When the switch shutter door is repaired, the small power appliances such as the radio and the lifter indicator light are activated. As a result, the grounding iron is not connected to each other.

2. The sealing and dustproofing of the Steel Door Roll Forming Machine is particularly important: the inner panel of the electric rolling shutter has a layer of plastic protective layer, which will cause dust to enter the electric rolling shutter door when it is damaged, and will interfere with the maintenance of the electric rolling shutter door in severe cases.

3. When disassembling and installing the electric shutter door, be sure to pay attention to the correct installation position. All the bolt connection holes are elliptical holes. The front roller shutter door must be installed and lifted without interference.

4. The dimensional accuracy of the electric rolling door will seriously affect the life of the roller door maintenance lifter motor. Since the guide groove is mounted on the electric shutter door, the lifter moves in the guide groove.

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