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The Safety Technical Operation Procedures Of Forming Machine

Aug. 26, 2019

Here is a professional Hydraulic Bending Machine Factory talking about the safety technical operation procedures of forming machine.

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Rolling Machine

Rolling Machine

1. The operator must be trained, certified to work, and special planes, not allowed to privately move other machines;

2. The operator must wear the labor protection articles correctly, and the female worker must wear a work cap (long hair plate into the cap);

3. After turning on the power switch, check whether the instruments of the machine are normal;

4. Before starting the machine, carefully check whether there are any noises in the parts of the machine, whether the oil circuit is unblocked, and run for 1-2 minutes;

4. Check whether the various protective covers on the car are in good condition and effective by being on duty.

6. The driver should inform the machine personnel before driving, and wait until the personnel are all in place to start the machine;

7. Always check the integrity of the various protective devices on the machine after starting the machine;

8. When the machine is turned on, it is forbidden to extend into the thread feeding roller group, the proportional roller group and the pre-tightening roller to remove the waste wire; 9. During the operation of the machine, it is strictly prohibited to touch the rotating part of the machine by hand or iron;

10. If the machine detects abnormal sound, it should stop immediately and notify the maintenance personnel to repair it. The driver must not handle it without authorization;

11. Always wear protective gloves when filling the hot melt;

12. It must stop when troubleshooting. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to remove the fault by hand; the shutdown repair (special machine, transmission and other components) should be hung up to prevent someone from starting;

13. Always check if the blade needs to be replaced, and remove the debris in the cutter head in time to prevent accumulation of fire;

14. When using the water of the sky to wipe the pipe, to prevent open flames, the water bottle cap should be tightened after wiping, be careful to prevent leakage;

15. It is not allowed to dismantle the pipelines of various equipments and the safety covers of various parts, and find that the damages are repaired in time; 16. It is strictly prohibited to place them indiscriminately around the machine, and the fixed management should be carried out, and the environment should be kept clean and tidy;

17. Carefully check the safety status of all parts of the machine before leaving work, and fill in the operation and safety conditions in the shift log;

18. If no one is taking over, the main power supply must be cut off and the debris of all parts of the net machine must be removed.

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