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Measures For Safe Production Of Cold Rolling Forming Machines

Sep. 04, 2019

We know that in the process of production operations, safety is guaranteed whenever and wherever. So when using cold rolling mill equipment, what are the safety production measures? Let us follow the professional Cold Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer to understand the specific content!

Professional manufacturers introduce, in fact, from the actual production operations, the safety production of cold rolling mills mainly includes three aspects, namely: regular maintenance, daily safe operation and daily training management, etc. The specific measures are as follows:

Cold Roll Forming Machine

Cold Roll Forming Machine

First, let's take a look at the safety issues of Cold Roll Forming Machine that need to be taken into account when performing maintenance. The rolling mill professional manufacturer believes that in the maintenance of the cold rolling mill, the maintenance personnel must strictly implement the power outage, and hang the prohibition of closing warning signs and the system of special personnel supervision. After the power is turned off, it must be confirmed that the coasting has been completely eliminated before it can be operated. Before the completion of the test run, it is necessary to further check the site to confirm that the mechanical parts are completely evacuated before the card can be closed. When repairing the test drive, it is strictly forbidden to stay in the equipment to pick up the car.

The second is the safety issue that needs attention during the operation. The professional mill manufacturer explained that during the daily operation, care should be taken to ensure that the emergency brake device is in good condition. The position of the brake button must be accessible to the operator at any time within the scope of the mechanical work. Moreover, the transmission parts of the cold rolling mill equipment must have reliable protection devices. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the working environment on site is good, and unrelated personnel are not allowed to enter the job site.

Finally, it is necessary to strengthen the training management of staff. Rolling mill professional manufacturers said that all operators must be trained and approved before they can be employed. In the on-the-job operation, it must be carefully operated, strictly enforce the relevant rules and regulations, use labor protection articles correctly, and prohibit unrelated personnel from operating the cold rolling mill equipment.

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