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Operation Method of Cold Forming Equipment

Apr. 11, 2020

Today, I will give a detailed introduction to the operation method of the Cold Roll Forming Equipment for the Door Roll Forming Machine Supplier. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

The Cold Roll Forming Machine is a machine used to produce cold-formed steel. It is very commonly used equipment in the production of cold-formed steel. The editor here introduces you to the specific operation method.

 Operational specifications of operators.

1. Its operators should be familiar with and understand all aspects of cold bending equipment, and only after necessary training and assessment can they start work.

2. Cold bending equipment operators wear labor protection equipment before work to ensure their own safety and operation.

Specially designed steel door frame cold roll forming equipment

Specially designed steel door frame cold roll forming equipment


Methods / Steps

1. Before the operation, first check whether each lubrication point is short of oil, whether the motion mechanism is loose, and whether the safety protection device is reliable. It can be operated only after the confirmation.

2. If the oil pump is started, whether the system pressure is kept within the specified range. If it is high, it will damage the hydraulic components and waste power. If it is too low, it will affect the work.

3. Adjust the required position and required angle of the parts, adjust the positioning of the machine to the required length, adjust the vertical lifting guide rail, so that the guide mold compression cylinder can clamp the iron pipe when it advances, and the clamped mold compression cylinder can clamp the iron tube.

4. In normal operation, put the workpiece into the bending mold, and the front end is in contact and positioned, and you can complete it by stepping on the footswitch.

5. When bending, keep your thoughts focused. It is forbidden to put your hands or other objects into the work area. In an emergency, press the emergency stop button, and then turn the rotary switch to the manual position. Use manual reset.

6. After the work of the cold bending equipment is completed, the power supply should be cut off and cleaned and lubricated.