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Do You Need Masks, Nasal Masks And Nose Lines That Are Essential During The Outbreak?

Apr. 22, 2020

The recent outbreak of new coronavirus has led to the out of stock of masks nationwide. What we know is that the production of masks also requires a very tedious process, such as the bridge of the nose in the mask. Nose bridge strips, also known as mask strips, plastic strips, nasal bridge tendons, nose bridge lines, all-plastic nose bridge strips, styling strips, it is mainly a hard strip inside the mask, which is used to fix the mask on the nose bridge, support the mask, increase the mask and The role of the fit of the nose bridge. It is made of polyolefin resin, usually white, of course, if you want other colors can also be customized.

The company produces nose bridge bars, nose bridge bars, nose bridge lines, nose bridge bars, and shaped bar production lines, which are mainly used for medical masks, disposable masks, dust masks, non-woven masks, etc., especially for surgical masks N95 and N90. The production line is mainly composed of 7 parts: ① raw material drying; ② extruder: high efficiency and good molding; ③ mold: excellent material processing; ④ cooling and setting: water; ⑤ traction: using electricity; ⑥ storage belt: reducing the burden of winding; ⑦ Rewinding: the double station, the nose bridge, mask strip, nose bridge tendon, nose bridge line, shaping bar, smooth and smooth appearance, safe and environmentally friendly, in line with the EU standards; the shaping effect is better and can be freely Bend, do not rebound and maintain the shape unchanged after losing the external force; complement with the mask non-woven fabric, make the mask fit better, give full play to the role of the mask, and ensure the safety of the masses.

Nose Wire For face Masks

Nose Wire For face Masks

The nasal mask nasal line made by our company, or single-core nasal mask nasal line, can be mixed by an external source without a rebound. It is mainly used for surgical masks N95 and N90, and can also be used as a support frame for toys.

During the epidemic, people all over the world fight against the epidemic together. Masks are a must-have item. If you need it, please contact us.