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How Is The Roll Forming Machine Operated And Maintained?

Nov. 08, 2019

How should the roll forming machine be operated and routinely maintained in normal times? Interchangeable Steel Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer will come to tell you.

How to operate:

1. When the roll forming machine rolls a conical workpiece, press the small round end of the workpiece against the guide roller of the vertical roller.

2. The steel plate is not allowed to run when the steel plate is bent. When the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic station is unstable or the oil temperature and bearing temperature exceed 60 °C, work is not allowed.

3. When rolling, no slip is allowed between the steel plate and the work roll; when rolling or leveling, the steel plate should be placed in the middle of the work roll, and the thickness of the steel plate should be correspondingly reduced when biased.

4. When the steel plate is flattened, the hardness of the pad should not be higher than the hardness of the work roll. Care must be taken not to roll or flatten the protruding weld or cut the edge of the steel plate.

5. Before starting the Door Frame Roll Forming Machine, check the abnormality of each part. The tightening nut should not be loose. The brake should be normal and reliable. The distance of the reel should be adjusted strictly according to the thickness of the plate. It should not be overloaded or rolled. Workpieces that are outside the performance specifications.

6. During operation, the workpiece must be placed smoothly, and the operation can be started after the position is correct, and the signal should be clearly defined and a person should be commanded.

7 When the roll forming machine is running, the hand cannot be placed on the rolled steel plate, and the sample plate cannot be used for inspection. After the machine is stopped, the roundness is checked with the sample plate. When rolling a workpiece that is not round enough, a certain amount of allowance should be left when rolling to the end of the steel plate to prevent the workpiece from falling and hurting people.

8. When the roll forming machine is working, it is forbidden to stand on the workpiece, and it is no longer possible to find the roundness on the rolled cylinder.

9. Rolling thick, large diameter cylinders or workpieces with high material strength should be rolled down and rolled several times. When rolling a narrow cylinder, it should be placed in the middle of the roll for rolling.

10. After the workpiece enters the roll of the roll forming machine, hands and clothes should be prevented from being caught.

11. If the machine is running abnormally after the machine is stopped, it should be checked and repaired immediately. After the roll forming machine stops, the workpiece will be placed at the designated place. The same applies to Steel Door Frame Roll Forming Machine.

Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

Rolling machine maintenance:

1 Check whether the main unit is complete before driving, whether the belt is tight and the electrical is loose, and the electrical grounding is good;

2 Check whether the vibration gantry, the mold box and the slider, the vibrator and the pressure head beam, the feeding setting and the main frame and other parts of the connecting bolt are loose;

3 Check the active parts and add lubricant according to the lubrication requirements;

4 prohibit the vibrator from running at no load;

5 After the end of each day, all parts of the machine should be in the initial state and thoroughly clean all parts of the machine to prevent concrete from condensing on the machine, but not to clean the machine with water;

6 The vibration device and reducer should be regularly replaced with lubricating oil and repaired. The vibration device should be dismantled, cleaned and oil changed at least once within six months;

7 Electrical control cabinets and electrical control parts should pay attention to moisture, sun and dust;

8 Check the size of the bottom plate. If it is not qualified, it should not be used to avoid damage to the machine.

The above is about how to operate and maintain the roll forming machine, I hope to help everyone.