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Cold Bending Machine Will Become The Mainstream Of Domestic And International Development In The Future

Nov. 01, 2019

At this stage, China's technological innovation is still mainly in the stage of absorption, imitation and integration. There are still few original innovations and independent innovations. Not enough attention is paid to basic research and process research. The domestic Cold Roll Forming Equipment is simple, the technical equipment is backward, and the unit equipment is not matched. Existing production equipment is difficult to produce high quality and special requirements. Cold-formed steel has many special cases compared with ordinary steel structures, such as cold bending effect, local buckling and superbuckling of plates, and material requirements. Therefore, there are still many technical problems in this type of structure to be further studied. China's cold-formed steel industry has relied on many foreign technical experience in technical equipment, but it does not have its own brand, has no own technological innovation, and does not have a complete product system. Many new technological achievements are still in the incubation stage, lacking experience and need to be improved and improved.

Planned operations require planned production. With the intensification of traffic land intensification, the traffic area will be further expanded, and the mechanization rate of agricultural production will further advance. I-beam cold bending machine, I-beam bending machine, I-beam bending machine, steel cold bending machine, Cold Roll Forming Machinecold bending machines, agricultural power machinery, and other cold bending machines will usher in a historic opportunity.

Cold Roll Forming Machine

Cold Roll Forming Machine

There are many reasons that affect a company's profitability. The most serious test is the price increase of raw materials such as steel. According to preliminary estimates, the price of main materials such as loaders and excavators has more than doubled in the past year. According to relevant national data, in 2003 China's steel market production capacity was one-fifth of the global total, and the market demand was one-fourth of the global total. The demand was greater than supply, which was an important cause of the skyrocketing steel products. . If anyone is expecting this year's situation to improve, I am afraid I will be disappointed. Because some analysis shows that China's steel demand will account for one-third of the world this year, but the production capacity will not increase much. In the end, how long does this state of demand exceed the state of supply? No experts have come out to understand.

In recent years, the sheet metal cold bending industry has developed rapidly, and has been widely used in cold-formed reticulated shells, shelves, single-layer and multi-storey houses, and more and more Cold Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer. In foreign countries, the construction industry is a key user of cold-bending mechanical blades. The steels produced by the bending machine moulds in the construction industry account for more than 70% of the total number of cold-formed steels. From a structural and economic point of view, cold-formed steels and H-shaped steels are The construction industry is the most widely used and can be used to build splicing of various plant and commercial buildings.

With the strengthening of environmental awareness, the development of environmentally friendly products will become the mainstream of domestic and international development in the future. Driven by the development of cold-bending forming machines and cold-formed steel machine equipment, one of the development directions of cold-bending equipment is to continuously meet the needs of various applications and realize various functions on the products. Electrical control cabinet column profiles, shelf profiles, etc. need to be pre-punched before forming. Due to the high geometrical requirements of the hole pitch and the hole, it is not allowed to produce large deformation during the bending process, so the simulation research and control measures of the pre-punching hole shape distortion are very important.