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Rolling Shutter Molding Machine Related Knowledge

May. 28, 2020

Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine are used in a wide range of applications. Roller shutters and fire shutter doors that we often use are made by this rolling door molding machine. It can function as a horizontal fire separation like a firewall. It consists of 13 parts, such as curtain, seat plate, guide rail, support, reel, box, control box, roller door machine, limiter, door sill, manual quick release switch device, push button switch and safety device. It is used to install parts that are not easily separated by a firewall. Like the escalator, the large business hall of the department store, and so on.

Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine

Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine

The so-called rolling door molding machine produces a fire shutter door in which a plurality of movable joint flaps are connected together, and the upper and lower doors are rotated in a fixed slide around the spool above the door. Suitable for large areas such as commercial facades, garages, shopping malls, hospitals, etc.

The rolling door forming machine is used for the various processes in the production process of the rolling door. When the long-term continuous operation process, the various parts in the equipment will have different degrees of wear, and if not replaced in time, the processing of the rolling door will be affected. The solution is not to solve the problem after the problem occurs, but to prevent the problem, so the selection of the parts and materials in the rolling door equipment is very important. So how do you choose parts? The supplier of Door Frame Roll Forming Machine will come to tell you.

When conditions permit, use a material with high abrasion resistance as much as possible, and heat-treat the surface that is often subjected to friction, so that the wear resistance and hardness of the equipment parts will also be improved. Moreover, the selection of materials should be based on the actual use of the parts. For example, when a pair of moving parts is matched, the parts should be made of high-strength and high-hardness materials; and for the parts to be matched, materials that are easy to wear should be selected.

In addition, the performance of the material is also affected by environmental factors, such as high temperature, high pressure, etc., so in this case, the choice of materials such as powder metallurgy materials and graphite to make parts, the effect will be better. All of the above requirements are made in order to alleviate the wear and tear of the parts of the rolling door device, thereby increasing the use value of the device.

Finally, our Steel Coil Slitting Line manufacturers can also share some maintenance methods for rolling door forming machines.

1. Keep the environment around the rolling door motor dry. The humidity will greatly reduce the life of the rolling door motor. The air inlet and outlet of the motor should be free of foreign matter, lines and fibers to hinder the operation of the motor.

2. When the thermal protection of the rolling door motor is active, stop using it immediately and check the cause of the thermal protection of the rolling door motor.

3. The shutter door motor has to work regularly for a long time to apply lubricant, so as to ensure the wear and tear of the motor is reduced, and better heat dissipation. It is recommended to use the lubricant once a year, and the use of a good lubricant can greatly increase the stability of the motor. The inferior lubricant should be replaced in time and the bearing and the oil groove of the bearing cap should be cleaned with gasoline.

4. The motor used for a long time starts to emit noise, indicating that the bearing of the motor has worn out. When the running direction of the bearing goes downstream, the bearing should be replaced immediately. The motor cannot be used. If the bearing is not replaced immediately, it may be It is necessary to replace the entire motor.

5. When disassembling the motor, be careful: if it is not necessary to remove the fan, it is recommended to remove the rotor from the extension end or remove the rotor from the non-deep end to prevent damage to the stator winding or insulation. Remember to replace the winding. The winding form of the winding, as well as the number of turns, etc., cannot be arbitrarily changed the design of the winding or it is prone to accidents.

The above is the relevant knowledge of the rolling door forming machine. Have you learned it?