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Take Everyone To Understand The Operation Process Of The Molding Machine

Jun. 16, 2020

The manufacturer of the cold bending forming machine knows that the forming machine can automatically complete the unpacking, forming and bending of the lower bottom folding leaf, and can complete the adhesive tape of the lower part. The bottom of the box can be folded according to a certain procedure. And after being sealed with adhesive tape, it is delivered to the special equipment of the boxing machine. The active carton forming machine and the active unpacking machine are the active unpacking of a large number of cartons, and will automatically lower the cover. The above is the introduction of the function of the forming machine products.

The working process of the molding machine is similar to the injection device used for injection. It is mainly a process of qualitatively injecting the plastic that is already molten into the closed mold cavity by solidification of the thrust of the plunger. Injection molding is mainly a cyclic process.

Steel Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

Steel Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

The computer structure of the molding machine is mainly selected from imported PLC computer chips, which are matched with LCD screens, and the function of showing that the faulty equipment will self-diagnose and correct the fault. The fool-like operation method is easy to get started. If it is driven by equipment, it is fully hydraulic driven, with domestic stepless hydraulic frequency modulation skills, able to handle the habit of materials, improve the compactness, and then shorten the molding cycle.

The molding machine can be used at the same time as the standard carton packaging. The molding machine uses rational planning, and the suction box, molding and back cover can be actively processed. The functions of the machine parts are delicate and useful, the equipment will not make a sensation in the process of movement, and the working life is long.

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