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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When Accepting The Cold-formed Machine?

Dec. 03, 2019

In the process of selling equipment, customers often encounter reports that previously ordered equipment, various problems cannot be solved after arriving at the factory, and the manufacturer cannot keep up with the after-sales, which seriously affects production, and even the equipment is completely useless and directly scrapped. If we are more serious and strict in the equipment acceptance, such problems can be avoided as much as possible, and problems can be found in time by the equipment manufacturers, requiring modification or even direct return. So, what problems should we pay attention to during acceptance to avoid the situation mentioned above? The Cold Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer will tell you next.

1. Measure the accuracy of molded products. Product accuracy is a key indicator of the qualification of the entire equipment. Accuracy indicates whether the roll design of the cold roll forming machine is qualified, or whether the commissioning is successful. Any of these two items, which are not qualified, should be handled by the manufacturer first.

2. Check the material of the equipment, whether the electrical brand is in accordance with the contract. The materials mentioned here are mainly the materials of cold-rolled rolls. The rolls are made of good materials. If the processing technology is passed, the life of the entire equipment will be long. The brand of the electrical appliance determines the stability of the circuit control system and should be produced strictly according to the brand stipulated in the contract.

3. The inspection of automated production. If the continuity of automated production is not good, it will affect the production efficiency, and even production can not be performed at all. Therefore, it is necessary to buy more steel strips to test the production plant.

4. Punching mold, cut off the inspection of the mold. Inspect punching, cutting to see if it meets the standard, and check if the burr is too large. Check whether the material of the mold is qualified.

5. Inspection of surface smoothness and straightness of the product. These indicators affect the appearance at the time of sale. If the standard is not reached, it should be fully handled by the manufacturer.

The problems mentioned above are often encountered in the cold roll forming machine industry. These problems should be handled in the production factory before the machine is pulled away. Otherwise, it will be difficult to handle when the machine is pulled to its own factory. 

Door Frame Forming Machine

Door Frame Forming Machine

In addition, in the daily use of cold roll forming machines, the problems commonly encountered are: distortion, wavy edges, longitudinal bending, etc., such as when using Door Frame Forming Machine. So, what method is used to debug the cold roll forming machine?

First, the method of keeping all the rolls in a straight line. First determine the center points of the first group and the last group. The center points of the two sets of rolls are moved to the center from left to right. Then draw a straight line based on these two points. Mark the center point. After painting with chalk, use the center caliper to mark the center point. Mark all the center points in the same way for all the rolls on the machine, and then adjust the center points of the rolls on the straight line. After straightening the lower roll, install the upper roll back.

Second, the method of debugging the gap between the upper and lower rolls. We should prepare a small section of raw materials for production, the thickness is the same as the usual materials, and then cooperate with a small mirror and a flashlight. Put the material between the upper and lower rolls, and then tighten the screws on the left and right sides uniformly at the same time. Be careful not to tighten one side first and then the other side. This may cause the gap between the two sides to be inconsistent. After tightening, use a mirror to illuminate on one side to see if the gap inside just fits, while using a flashlight on the other side, if the gap is uneven, the light transmission will be uneven. After confirming that the gap is uniform, loosen it a little, it is better to take out the material you just put in. At this time, tighten the left and right screws. Try adjusting all the gaps in turn in the same way.

The above are the issues that the Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine supplier introduced to the cold bending machine that everyone should pay attention to during acceptance.