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Cold Bending Machine Debugging Method

Oct. 18, 2019

The commissioning of the cold-bending machine requires a good working experience. It is summarized in the usual work. In order to make it easier for everyone to master the debugging method of the cold-bending machine, our Cold Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer has specially prepared the following manuals. For your reference, introduce some methods of cold bending machine debugging that are often encountered in daily work. The following methods are suitable for roll design, because the time is long, or unfamiliar reasons are debugged and re-commissioned normally. However, some problems are unreasonable because the roll design is unreasonable at the factory. It is necessary to modify the roll. The roll design is unreasonable and it is difficult to debug. Therefore, if it is a roll problem, the manufacturer should be instructed to modify the roll.

In the daily use of Cold Roll Forming Equipment, the problems commonly encountered are: distortion, side waves, longitudinal bending, and the like. Such a problem is generally that the force points of the rolls are not balanced, and the rolls are not in a straight line. Therefore, when debugging the cold bending machine, we must grasp a center point to consider the problem, that is, the rolls must be To be in a straight line, the upper and lower gaps of each set of rolls should be consistent. Therefore, when there is a problem with the cold forming machine, it should be debugged around this central idea. So, what kind of method can be used to make the midpoint of the roll in a straight line, and how can the gap between the upper and lower rolls be the same? The following methods will answer your questions.

First, the method of letting all the rolls in a straight line. The center points of the first group and the last group are determined first, and the center points of the two groups of rolls are mobilized to the center. Then according to these two points, pull a straight line. The center point mark can be painted with chalk, and then the center point is marked with the center caliper. All the lower rolls on the machine are marked with the same point in the same way, and then the center points of the rolls are all adjusted to the straight line. After the lower rolls are straightened, they are installed back to the upper rolls.

Door Roll Forming Machine

Door Roll Forming Machine

Second, the method of debugging the gap between the upper and lower rolls. We should prepare a small piece of raw material for production, the thickness is the same as the usual material, and then with a small mirror and a flashlight. Put the material between the upper and lower rolls, and then tighten the screws on both the left and right sides at the same time. Be careful not to tighten the side and then screw the other side. This will cause the gap between the two sides to be inconsistent. After tightening, use the mirror to illuminate one side to see if the gap inside is just matching, and at the same time, use the flashlight on the other side. If the gap is not uniform, the light transmission will be uneven. After confirming that the gap is even, loosen it a little and it is better to take out the material just put in. At this time, lock the screws on the left and right sides. Try to adjust all the gaps in the same way.

After mastering the above core methods, it is necessary to use different methods for flexible and different problems. When there are some problems sometimes, we can't pull the line again every time according to the above method, it will be very time-consuming and laborious. When there is a slight problem, we can check the materials one by one, so that we can know From which group the problem started to occur, we can roughly see which group is not in a straight line when the material is just entering the roll. Or directly check the gaps in groups of two. When there is distortion or edge wave, it may be that the pressure of a certain group or groups is inconsistent or not in a straight line. When longitudinal bending occurs, it may be that some groups of pressures are too tight. You can use different debugging methods to solve different situations according to different situations. Gradually summarize, after a while, you will be handy.

I will introduce it to you today, I hope to help everyone. If you are interested in the bending machine or have a need, you can contact us, we not only have cold-bending forming equipment, but also a Door Roll Forming Machine, we will be able to provide you with satisfactory products.