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The Purchase Of Rolling Equipment Should Give Priority To Quality

Sep. 11, 2019

Processing equipment such as Metal Rolling Machinery must be carefully considered when purchasing. Of course, many users will first pay more attention to the price issue, but also need to consider the quality of the equipment as much as possible. If conditions permit, it is best to go to the mill manufacturer to conduct field visits, so that you can see the manufacturing technology of the equipment manufacturer, and also ensure that the purchased equipment can be put into use after installation.

Metal Rolling Machinery

Metal Rolling Machinery

As a professional Stud Roll Forming Machine Factory, in fact, we know that when purchasing a rolling mill, the quality and performance of the equipment should be considered first. Because if the quality is not guaranteed, there will be a lot of unnecessary troubles in the later period of use, and may even lead to unusable, so we need to give priority to the quality of the product and then make a choice.

At the same time, the new Rolling Machine purchased must also comply with the relevant requirements when installing. There are also many differences between different rolling mills, so you need to carefully read the equipment usage and installation instructions before installation. In particular, the electronic control system requires special attention during installation. Due to the long process layout of the rolling line, the mutual elevation difference and centerline requirements between the equipment are strict.

In addition to this, in the installation work, you also need to choose the appropriate installation location. If the equipment on the rolling line is installed on a weak foundation, then the uneven settlement and displacement of the equipment should also be taken into consideration. This is also the settlement of the equipment based on the equipment such as the center mark, the reference point and the rolling mill before installation. Observe the points and why the measurements are taken regularly. The equipment can be precisely adjusted only after the settlement and displacement have stabilized.

In addition, in the rolling mill work, due to the large load, special attention should be paid to the selection of suitable roll bearings. In general, the hot rolling mill has better mechanical properties than the rolling mill, and the performance of the steel is naturally better.