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How to Maintain the Roll Forming Machine?

May. 09, 2020

Roll forming machine is the main equipment for roll forming. We also know that no matter how sophisticated the equipment is, it will cause some problems during long-term use, so it needs some maintenance. But we also need to pay attention to that only reasonable maintenance can achieve the desired effect. So, from what aspects can the repair and maintenance work of the roll forming machine be carried out?

Check The Machine. Before turning on the roll forming machine, it is necessary to check whether the main machine of the machine is intact, whether the belt and electrical equipment are loose, and whether the electrical grounding is normal. After the use of the roll forming machine is completed, employees need to arrange and arrange the equipment tools, workpieces and accessories in a timely manner, and also need to ensure that the equipment parts and safety devices are complete, and the lines and pipelines are complete. You should also check the vibration table and mold box, the vibrator and the indenter weight, and whether there are signs of loosening of the screws in each link. For example, if the screws that fix the rollers on the side plate are tightened when they are loose, it is possible that the accuracy will change, and even professional debugging personnel will not be able to debug normally.

roll forming machine

Roll Forming Machine

Ensure the Lubrication of The Machine. We also know that any mechanical equipment must be lubricated regularly during long-term use, so as not to affect the flexibility of the equipment, so employees must refuel and change oil on time during the use of the roll forming machine It should be noted that the quality of the oil must meet the requirements.

Keep the Machine Clean. In order to avoid the rust of the Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine and affect the work, lubricating oil should be added to each moving part to ensure its normal operation. After the roll forming machine is used, employees must clean the equipment in a timely manner to keep it in a clean state. The sliding parts of the equipment and the rack and other parts are free of oil and bruises, and the parts are not Oil leakage, no water leakage. The parts controlled by electrical appliances should be protected from moisture and dust, otherwise it will easily affect the work of the machine.

light gauge steel frame roll forming machine

Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine

Ensure Safety During Operation. During the operation, the operation must be carried out according to the prescribed instructions, and the operation must be carried out by professionals. The vibrator is absolutely not allowed to be empty. Safety is that any mechanical equipment needs attention during use, so employees must operate safely in the use of roll forming machines.

Doing good maintenance of the roll forming machine can not only extend the service life of the machine, but also ensure the safety of the workers.